“WHERE ARE YOU REGISTERED?” ENSUES THE INEVITABLE QUESTION POST ENGAGEMENT THRILL. It’s no wonder pre-nuptial mania includes that exciting and equally nerve-wracking decision. After all, the answer basically determines what type of grown-up you’ll be. Will you be a posh uptowner? (Traditional retail Meccas conjure up images of Charlotte York anxiously perusing fine china.) Or are you hip downtowner? (On the other end of the spectrum is the alt-bride who foregoes traditional gift lists for a Kickstarter-like honeymoon crowd funding.) Truth be told, when my husband and I began our search, we were neither. While I fancied myself a boho-chic bride that would Airbnb her apartment for year-long backpacking jaunts though Tibet, I also wanted a Vitamix. Enter Zola–the newest and It-est online destination in the world of wedding registry. It’s the perfect answer to the post-millennial couple feathering their first nest and doing it in style. Not only do they have every necessary appliance and star kitchen product, their tableware and linens are happily utilitarian and chic enough to impress–whether at dinner parties or Instagram. Below I’ve included my top ten picks to outfit any Bonberi-ready kitchen with my go-to recipes to match. (Sign up for $50 in Zola credit HERE when you set up your registry and receive $500 in Zola gifts!*)

Images courtesy of Zola 

1.   Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Why It’s A Must:  If I had to pick the one cooking vessel that I use the most, it’s without a doubt my beloved dutch oven. Whether it’s for stewing nourishing soups on rainy days or whipping up spicy curries reminiscent of my honeymoon in the Indian ocean, it’s the ultimate kitchen must-have. I love that Le Creuset is a French heritage brand and the bright candy-colored hues make such a beautiful statement on my stovetop. My favorite? The bright clementine-colored Flame.

Recipe: Lean Green Soup

2. Vitamix 

Why It’s A Must: The holy grail in blending. Once you go Vitamix, blending will never be the same again. Whether it’s for creamy, silky soups, thick smoothies or making your own homemade nut milk, it’s an essential in any clean food kitchen.

Recipe: Coco Lada Smoothie

3. Lodge Cast Iron Pan

Why It’s A Must: It’s simply a matter of fact that anything made in a cast-iron pan tastes better. Whether you’re roasting vegetables, grilling up a grass-fed steak or making a simple egg scramble, these heavy-duty cookers absorb flavors and give plants a beautiful char that you won’t get from any non-stick pans. Treat them as heirlooms that you’ll use for years to come.

Recipe: Kimchi Rice

4. Breville Toaster Oven

Why It’s A Must: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if I didn’t have an oven in my home, this toaster oven would do just fine. I’ve roasted and baked everything in it from broiled salmon to baked butternut squash fries, to yes, I’ve even made toast.

Recipe: Charred Eggplant Toast

5. Breville Juicer

Why It’s A Must: Whenever anyone asks me what juicer I use, I always say there is only one worth getting. Breville is the gold standard when it comes to juicing fruits and veggies and I love this narrow shape that doesn’t take too much counter space, which is an urban kitchen win.

Recipe: Melvin’s Body Good Juice

6. Coyuchi Farmhouse Napkins

Why It’s A Must: This is one of my favorite organic linen brands (we live in their bed sheets). I love these simple rustic napkins that are casual enough for everyday but also go-to whenever I have girlfriends over for a weeknight dinner. Break them out when you have a simple roast dinner or with your morning smoothie bowl. The best part? The more you wash them the more they take on that lovingly worn look.

Recipe: Acai Granola Smoothie Bowl

7. Shun Japanese Knives

Why It’s A Must: One item that has taken my home cooking to the next level is investing in a sharp, Japanese knife. It makes me feel like my own master chef and this hammered detailing is so beautiful to showcase on my magnetic knife strip. I won’t use anything else to cut vegetables or fruit. Once you go Shun, you don’t go back.

Recipe: Daphne’s Cauliflower, Sweet Potato and Sour Cherry Salad

8. Cuisinart Mini Food Processor

Why It’s A Must: I honestly don’t know what I would do without this pint-sized house. This baby is essential for whipping up quick creamy dressings and dips whether it’s creamy hummus, greens goddess dressings, even tapenade.

Recipe: Japanese Restaurant Style Dressing

9. Le Creuset Baking Dish

Why It’s A Must: Truth be told I’m not the biggest baker but come summer, there’s hardly a week that goes by when im not making some sort of fruit cobbler. They’re just so darn easy. This baking dish makes for the perfect rustic presentation and will help any novice cook find their inner Martha.

Recipe: Almond Meal Apple Crisp

10. Kate Spade Salad Bowl

Why It’s A Must: China is always tricky. You want to impress, but you also want something utilitarian. This beautiful collection from Kate Spade does both and is not too fine to use it everyday. I love the classic blue and white stripe, perfect for serving crowd-pleasing salads at summer barbecues.

Recipe: Bistro Salad with Shallot Vinaigrette

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