I’VE GOT BICEPS FOR DAYS,” joked model Lily Aldridge before a phalanx of snap happy photographers at the Victoria’s Secret store on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. It was barely ten o’clock on a cool October morning in Midtown, and Aldridge along with fellow VS Angel Lindsay Ellingson, were both on hand to promote the lingerie megabrand’s VSX sportswear line as well as its “World’s Best Sports Bra,” which was unveiled only weeks before the much-anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. “I’m going on vacation in a few days,” Aldridge revealed to bonberi, between sips of green iced tea from Starbucks. Where to? The 27-year-old Cali native wouldn’t say, but we can only assume a family getaway with Kings of Leon frontman and hubby Caleb Followill and their year-old daughter Dixie. Here we caught up with both stunning supermodels where they revealed their pre-catwalk training regimen, cooking secrets and which guilty pleasures they simply can’t live without (Spoiler alert: yes, they eat.)

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show only weeks away, what is your workout routine looking like right now?
I am in the thick of it right now! It starts a month before the show but I’m doing a lot of ballet and eating really healthy. I start training a little bit longer, an extra day a week. Lots of lunges and booty exercises.

Only a month before? We imagine you guys go hard all year!
Well, we’re in shape a lot during the year so it’s more mental. I like feeling healthy and happy and doing whatever is good for my body.

You mentioned ballet, what is your favorite way to sweat?
I do Ballet Beautiful. It’s all about lengthening and elongating your muscles. It’s very positive. My trainer is very womanly and comforting and all about being healthy and happy so I just love the workout.

Lindsay: I love hot yoga. It’s not Bikram, it’s 90 degrees in the room. It’s the best. I did it last night. It’s not uncomfortably hot. I’m from the desert in California so it feels like home.

That sounds amazing. Where is it?
I go to Yoga 216. What’s great is they only allow six people at a time in a class so you get lots of attention. You sweat and feel like you’re really detoxing. It’s really good for your body.

What are your favorite pieces from the VSX line?
I love the Incredible bra, it’s my favorite. This is a great workout outfit for ballet. These leggings lift and support you in all different ways. I usually just change into ballet flats and I’m good to go.

Have the veteran Angels passed down any tips for walking in the show?
 I’ve watched them from my first show and they’re so confident! So I was like, “Oh ok, just relax.” I think that’s the key to do doing the show well. It’s about just having fun with it.

Lily: We all actually have different workouts that we do. I could not do some of the boxing the other girls do. I’m not good at high impact. I like playing ballerina. But I was just texting Alessandra right before this, “Are you doing your Brazilian Butt Lift this year? I want in on that!” We all just work out a lot. It’s about discipline.

Speaking of the other girls, a lot of you are new moms! How has life as an Angel changed since giving birth?
I feel more beautiful after being a mother! Me, Adriana, Doutzen and Miranda talk all the time and give each other advice. I work out during naptime or wake up extra early to workout so I can be with her because being a mom is a priority. I want to spend time with her every second I can.

How do you fit in workouts when you travel?
When I’m traveling I burn my Ballet Beautiful DVDs on my computer so I just do that in my hotel room, which is nice. It’s easy, just throw some towels down.

Lindsay: I like Ballet Beautiful too. You can travel with your computer and she has these workout videos online. It’s a mat routine and it’s just doing different leg lifts just to keep your glutes and hamstrings toned. I like to focus on that when I’m traveling.

What music do you like to listen to while working out?
Queens of the Stone Age, Arcade Fire and rock and roll—and of course, Kings of Leon.

Do you have any pet peeves at the gym?
: Loud noises! I hate it when I’m at the gym and these guys are grunting next to me. It’s scary.

Lily: I hate when people leave their dirty towels on the floor. It grosses me out so much. I’m always the one picking them up I think because that’s how I was raised.

How much does diet play into your health regimen? Are you guys super strict before the show?
I try to eat food that makes me feel good and that’s usually food that’s organic. Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you’re dieting, it just means that you’re doing something good for your body and making it feel great. But I also indulge too.

Lily: I love cooking. I think cooking your own food is amazing because you know exactly what’s going in it.

We couldn’t agree more. Do you have any specialties?
I love roasting chicken. It’s my favorite thing to do. I do it all the time. I got this recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook. The chicken comes out amazing. I roast sweet potatoes with it and it’s so satisfying and yummy. Sometimes I swap in coconut oil and I’ll add curry.

Lindsay: Last night I made this soup that had turkey, kale, potatoes and carrots. It has lots of vegetables and it’s very hearty. I recently bought that cookbook Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. It’s actually really good, that’s where I got the recipe for the soup. I just add turkey and chicken to things because I’m not a vegetarian.

What is one non-negotiable you do every day to make you feel healthy?
I love green juices. I’ve never been a big vegetable fan so I think green juices are a great way for me to just get all my vitamins in one drink. I do the cold-pressed kind. I love Juice Press and Organic Avenue. One of my favorites is Gravity because it has E3Live. It’s so good for your body, it gives you energy. There’s tons of benefits.

Lily: I’m all about organic. It’s not about not eating. Being healthy to me is about eating lots of good foods. But I indulge!

Ok, so what’s your guilty pleasure?
I love Bareburger in New York. It’s an organic burger place. We actually have it coming for lunch today because I requested it. It’s so yummy. You can get bison burger, veggie burger or turkey burger and change all the buns and depending if you want to eat healthy or you want to indulge.

Lindsay: Pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Oh my god, it’s my favorite thing in the fall.