“AS MODELS, WE’RE PRETTY MUCH READY YEAR ROUND,” SAYS MARTHA HUNT ON HOW SHE PREPARES FOR THE IMPENDING VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW. Hunt is certainly runway ready clad in VS Sport gear at boutique fitness studio Body By Simone in West Chelsea but long gone are the days of crash diets and 6-hour workouts. “The intense training really starts three weeks before the show but there’s no quick fix,” says the lithe model. “I just want to amp it up so I have the utmost confidence right before the show.It’s no wonder. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which airs this coming Monday on CBS, has become one of television’s hotly-anticipated events that has catapulted little known models into international superstars. (Gisele or Heidi, anyone?) Hunt herself has rocketed from anonymity to being a card-carrying member of Taylor Swift’s coveted squad. Need we say more? We caught up with the North Carolina native who talked diet before the show and how she plans on celebrating the minute after.

Do you change your diet leading up to the show?
I don’t really want to focus on losing weight, I want to focus on feeling my best and strengthening. So I try to eat healthy proteins, fats and vegetables and not worry too much about cutting things out but I try to eat less sugar.

What is one of your favorite nourishing meals while training?
I love salmon and kale because those are healthy fats and protein. Sweet potatoes are delicious. I love that Hu Kitchen does a healthy version of the chicken tenders. And I love smoothies.

What’s in your go-to smoothie?
My favorite is almond butter, spinach, berries and coconut milk.

Do you cook?
I love to cook when I’m upstate with friends but I hate the lines in the city so I mostly eat out.

Favorite restaurant?
Carbone. It’s really rich but everything there is delicious. I love Italian.

Take us through a day in the life of your meals?
This morning I had my smoothie and for lunch I had the salmon salad from Between the Bread. For dinner, I love sushi. Right now I’m trying to figure out ways to get as much protein as possible.

This year the show is in Paris. Do you have any tips to beating jet lag and the inevitable post-plane bloat?
Luckily we don’t do the show as soon as we land so we have a couple days. But I do try to drink a lot of water and I use facial hydration masks because that’s really important to keep the skin hydrated.

In addition to working out and eating healthy, do you have a self-care routine?
I think massages are really important. I don’t think of it as a luxurious thing, I think of it as an essential. I love deep tissue. Also physical therapy with electrodes helps a lot. And I recently tried cryotherapy, which is amazing for lymphatic drainage.

Is there one moisturizing cream you rely on pre-show for body texture?
Victoria’s Secret has a really amazing bodycare line. My favorite is the shea body oil, it’s really moisturizing.

How do you plan on celebrating after the show?
We traditionally throw a pizza party but this year it’ll probably be escargot, French onion soup and fries. I want the works.