Happy New Year! Yes, I can still say that at the end of January. And no, this isn’t a post about how to make a better resolution or the top productivity tips for 2017, it’s about making some style resolutions. Instead, I want to play a game, yup that’s right, playtime! I love starting the new year with, what i like to call…Love it, Leave it or Let it Go. This game takes place inside your closet and looks a lot like cleaning out your closet, but if you play by my rules it won’t feel like that.
If there is one thing I know for sure it’s that the clothes we put on our bodies can dramatically change the way we feel. And what I also know is that those feelings have nothing to do with how many pieces we have or what brands or if they’re “on trend”. This game will help you reignite the love for what you already own and finally get rid of the pieces that are making you feel bad. OK, enough talking, let’s get started.
The rules are simple, not necessarily easy. You have to show up with the right mindset. Before you step inside your closet or even look at a dress say these mantras to yourself, repeatedly if possible:

  • I am enough

  • I have enough

  • I do enough

Now that we have that sorted, and you are feeling good, take a step into your closet and look around. Maybe you also look inside drawers or a separate seasonal closet, make sure you look at ALL of it. Get a real sense of everything you own and feel a huge wave of gratitude wash over you for how abundant you are. I know it’s easy to get hung up on not having the newest chelsea boots this winter, but here in this moment think about all you do have.
Now as you go through all the pieces in your closet ask yourself do you love it, wanna leave it or need to let it go? Here’s how to decide and what to do once you have.


Every time you look at that piece you feel all warm and giddy inside. You think of how badass you feel when you’re wearing those perfectly fitted trousers or how that dress fits your waist like one of those perforated Alaia corset belts. It brings you joy, period.
Action: Keep it and place it front and center. That piece brings you joy and it should be the first thing you see everyday in your closet.


You’re on the fence about this one, you love it in theory but you never wear it. One day if you have the right event or lose 10 pounds you will definitely wear it. It’s a classic piece and you paid a pretty penny so you really want to make it work but you haven’t.


Action: Store it and then come back to it after 3-6 months. If you never missed it or still haven’t thought about how you can wear it. It’s time to let it go, see below.


You know which pieces these are deep down. It’s the pieces that every time you see it, it makes you feel a little less powerful. It hugs all the wrong curves and reminds you of the goals you haven’t met. It might also be from a time in your life that you‘ve paid a therapist to help you move past. Stop torturing yourself because you think you won’t ever find a piece like that again or you paid a lot for it.
Action: Get rid of these pieces asap. Give away to Goodwill, friends or sign up for Tradesy. This is an app that makes it so easy to get money for pieces you don’t want anymore right on your phone! NO excuses.

Tool Box:

It’s easy, you control everything from your phone.
2. Candles
Setting the mood is everything.
3. Underbed storage
Perfect for storing clothes discreetly in small spaces.
If you love it, take care of it. Having pieces ready-to-wear at all times is key.