Dear Bonberi Fam,

I’m beyond excited to introduce to you the Bonberi 2020 Gift Guide! The Bonberi elves have worked really hard this year on curating a thoughtful list of items, services and treats that not only I use on the daily but hopefully will enhance your routine or that of your nearest and dearest. We’ve also included special discount codes when we can to make holiday shopping this year a little more fun 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

With Love,


1 Spirit junkie cards…For your morning mantra

2 Bonberi Body Love…For the intuitive eater

3 Smudged Sticks…For good vibes

4 Golde Pure Matcha…For the morning matcha moment

5 Higher Dose Infrared Mat…For a deep sweat
BONBERI75 for $75 off


6 Dana Rebecca Evil Eye…For the spiritual mama 
NICOLE25 for $25 off

7 Artipoppe Carrier…For the mama on-the-go

8 Faux Fur.Deluxe Sharling Sandals…For Zoom Pick-Up

9 Rentryage Cargo Pants…For the sustainable chic mama 
BONBERI20 for 20% off

10 Michelle Waugh Floral Puffer…For a fun flair on the classic puffer  
BONBERI for 20% off

11 Ghostflower Onesie…For your streaming workout
BONBERI15 for 15% off

12 Suzi Kondi Velvet V-Neck Jumpsuit…For Zoom Drop-Off


13 Breville Juicer…For your morning green juice

14 Blendtec Blender…For your Bonberi Green Smoothie

15 Farm to People…For fresh produce straight to your door
BONBERI for 20% off your first Farm Box

16 Shaquanda Hot Sauce…For that extra spice

17 Diaspora Masala Dabba…For the intrepid home cook

18 Monte’s Sauce…For cozy winter dinners

19 Our Place Pan…For everyday meals


20 Smoothie Cups…For spill-proof sipping

21 Roxy Unicorn by Eva Chen…For bedtime reading

22 THE DOUGH PROJECT…For the future ceramicist

23 Lalo Table…For playtime and meals

24 Tonies…For screen-free sing along


25 ORA Acupuncture Session…For post-holiday zen  
* Code: BONBERI for $25 off a service *   

26 IMD Spa Lymphatic Drainage Treatment…For toxin release 

27 Stillpoint TMJ/Microcurrent Facial…For a natural face lift  
BON2020 for 15% off

28 Christine Chin Facial and Microdemabrasion Combo…For skin revamp


29 Jones Road by Bobbi Brown…For the 90s baby

30 Tata Harper Resurfacing Cleanser…For everyday cleansing

31 Haldi Cult Gifts…For the one who has all the beauty goods

32 Linne Botanicals Balance Oil… For everyday glowdinners 
BONBERI for 15% off

33 Ursa Major Sunblock… For clean shade


34 Megan Roup / The Sculpt Society…For a full-body sculpt
BONBERI25 for 2 week free trial & 25% off first month of membership

35 Melissa Wood…For long lean lines
MWHBONBERI for 10% off 12 month membership 

36 Tracy Anderson…For the TAMILY

37 Kyle Miller Yoga…For flow at home
BONBERI30 for 30% off video bundles

38 Perspirology…For sweat addicts
THANKS25 for 25% off 3 consecutive months of streaming

39 Rebounder…For cardio lovers

40 Firm Foam Roller…For muscle release


41 Higher Dose Sauna Mat…For a deep sweat
BONBERI75 for $75 off

42 Dennis Gross LED Mask Light…For an elevated at home face mask treatment

43 Prima Gua Sha Tool…For a natural face-lift
BONBERI20 for 20% off

44 Prima Bath Bomb…For a self-care bath moment
BONBERI20 for 20% off

45 Hill House Hotel Robe…For no-video Zoom calls
BONBERI10 for 10% off – the discount will be valid until Dec. 31


46 Welly…For brightening up Boo Boos

47 Seed…For that good bacteria
BONBERI20 for 20% off

48 Qi Alchemy Pearls…For a balanced system

49 Arrae Bloat & Calm…For tummy love

50 Tracy Piper Irish Sea Moss…For an overall immune boost

51 GIFT CARD…Applies to purchases at NYC store only