“I TRY TO EAT A WELL-BALANCED DIET,” says swimwear designer and mother Jessie Rudin on her approach to wellness. “To me, that means a lot of veggies, fruit and fish. I don’t eat too much meat but I don’t deprive myself when I get a craving.” This healthful, balanced philosophy has served her well–providing energy to keep up with her baby boy Fisher and running her cult swimwear line La Maree Swimwear which reads one part St. Tropez and one part Amagansett. We caught up with the perennially beach-bound babe via email who talked her daily meals, favorite smoothie and her must-haves for every beach getaway.

Takes us through a day in the life of meals from wake to bedtime.
I eat three bigger meals a day and two smaller meals or snacks. My day starts with coffee with skim milk and coconut sugar, after I finish breastfeeding. For breakfast, I have oatmeal with fresh berries, ground flax seed and cinnamon. I usually have a green smoothie or yogurt for a snack. Lunch is a big salad, with either arugula or spinach (or both), seedless cucumbers, carrots, avocado, tomatoes, lemon and olive oil and a dash of Himalayan salt. I snack mid-afternoon on an apple with almond butter. Most days I make myself a manuka honey almond milk matcha latte. My favorite matcha is the instant matcha from Panatea – it’s too easy and delicious! Dinner is usually a piece of grilled fish with veggie couscous.

Do you have a daily health practice that you adhere to? Whether it’s having a smoothie, juice, morning ritual that helps you keep clean and grounded?
I try to have a green smoothie every single day. I use a delicious, organic, plant based protein powder. My favorite is the Smooth Vanilla by Garden of Life. I became addicted to it during my pregnancy.

Do you avoid certain things in your diet?
I try to limit myself in the fried food department but French fries are my weakness, so I treat myself every once in a while. Allowing this indulgence means I tend to lose control less often.

What are your favorite self-care rituals?
I absolutely love getting facials. I haven’t had as much time since becoming a mom, but I have tried to find the time to keep up with my routine. Facials really are my guilty pleasure. As a working mom, I call in the Glam Squad troops for manis and pedis or the occasional blowout. I never want to miss time with Fisher, so it helps to call on Glam Squad once I put him to bed. It also allows me to catch up on work emails in the comfort of my home.

What are your top 3 favorite natural products in the kitchen?
Manuka HoneyGround Flax SeedDr. Bronners Coconut Oil for food and skin.

My top 3 favorite natural beauty products are:
Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. I use this every morning.

Zoe Organics Belly Oil. I don’t need it for stretch mark prevention anymore, but I love how smooth it makes my skin, so I haven’t been able to give up on it quite yet. I cover my torso every time I get out of the shower.

Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant Face Mask. I used to use multiple times a week…now I try for once every other week.

What is your favorite most nourishing meal to make yourself?
Wild salmon with non-fat yogurt dill sauce and a roasted butternut squash with arugula salad

What is your approach towards fitness, do you have a favorite workout?
My approach towards fitness is to incorporate as much variation as possible. I’ve been training with my friend Mikey Victor for over five years now and there’s truly nothing like “a Mikey work out.” No two sessions are the same, and he always manages to mix yoga with isometric training. He believes in creating a feminine shape, and I credit him with changing my body. I also absolutely love Tracy Anderson’s workouts. I go to her studio in East Hampton every weekend. Lastly, I love going for a long run outside.

When you want to “detox” right before going on a beach getaway, what are some go-to tricks that you always resort to?
If I want a good, clean detox before a beach vacation I cut out dairy and complex carbohydrates. Anything that contributes to bloating is out. I also try to limit my sugar intake.

Since becoming a mom, has your approach to nutrition changed at all?
I’ve always tried to incorporate fiber into my diet. As a breastfeeding mom, eating organic, nutrient rich food is now more important to me than ever, since everything I eat goes directly to him.

When going on a beach getaway, what are your top products that you always pack?
Elta MD Sunscreen ; Tracie Martyn Absolute Purity Toner , which helps to remove any excess sun screen left over from a long day at the beach; Elta MD AM Moisturizer , the sun dries out my skin, so I always like to apply moisture after a good, hot shower and a nourishing eye cream.

What would you say the most important things are when feeling confident in a bikini?
A great, even sun tan 😉 But don’t forget a good, thick layer of a strong SPF.