“WELLNESS TO ME MEANS TREATING YOURSELF AND MAKING SURE YOU MAKE TIME TO LOOK AFTER YOURSELF WHILE MANAGING A CAREER AND ENSURE THOSE AROUND YOU ARE WELL LOOKED AFTER ALSO,” says Amanda Shine, curling up with her morning elixir in her well-appointed cozy home a stone’s throw away from the Bowery. Shine, who left the fashion world to launch a boutique ceramics line dubbed The Setting, which has since appeared in the likes of Vogue and ELLE and has even collaborated with brand behemoths including Kellog’s, making corn flakes cool again. We caught up with Shine at her sunny downtown apartment where she walked us through her morning ritual, shared her favorite beauty products and revealed how to be the hostess with the most-ess. 

How would you describe your approach to wellness?
My approach to wellness is definitely evolving as I have grown up and matured. I try to be good to myself whether that be with exercise, massage, facials and baths.

How would you describe your self-care regimen?
I take a lot of baths! I have amazing salts, exfoliants and mud masks. I love Cap Beauty’s the CAPtivator love bath salt, it’s my absolute favorite. I also love bubble baths with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap. It’s relaxing and refreshing. I have a whole routine before I shower where I do masks and catch up on reading a book. It’s a nice refresh away from the phone and computer. Exercise is also a big component and having fun with beauty products is a newer addition to my regimen whether it be a fun lip color or different eye shadow, just enjoying being playful and trying new things.

Do you have a non-negotiable health practice you adhere to every day?
I drink hot water with lemon on as many mornings as I can remember and also drink a lot of tea. It’s a nice, calming practice and it helps me to focus on work or whatever task is at hand I do. My business partner and I were recently in Beijing and we learned so much about the benefits of various teas. We brought home orange tea as gifts but I also really like Twining Earl Grey and just was introduced to Dammann Tea Sachets while I was at The Gritti in Venice. They’re so beautifully packaged and make beautiful giftsI also love to diffuse oil in my apartment. An orange blossom oil that I got in Morocco is my favorite.

What is your favorite workout and why?
I love yoga and dance cardio. They couldn’t be more different but they’re both amazing in their own respect. I go to the Equinox near my apartment for yoga and Modelfit for dance cardio. It’s calming for my mind and spirit to stretch and practice yoga, it’s like meditation that requires exertion and I always feel so clear after class. Dance cardio is my fan girl moment where I hear new music and get to have fun with friends in class. It’s everything you’d imagine in the best way.

How would you describe your morning routine?
Relatively simple. I’m up and out in half an hour. I wake up, make tea, check emails maybe watch the news while I brush my teeth and wash my face with a simple cleanser–I love La Mer’s The Tonic in the morning as your skin is already clean from the night before, it’s just gentle and a nice refresh before spritzing a hydrating rosewater spray and then either use moisturizing cream or oil before a bit of makeup and then I’m dressed and out the door, and always a dash of Le Labo Santal before I go. I keep it by the front of my apartment and in my handbag so I always have a fragrance.

What supplements do you rely on?
Vitamin B, turmeric and chlorophyll

What are your top beauty products?
I have so many! My current favorites are:

La Mer original Creme (I’ve used this for years!)

Jurlique herbal recovery serum

Epicuren mineral mask

Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm

Rodin lavender body oil

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

Rodin lipstick

What is your favorite healthy meal to cook for yourself and girlfriends?
Whole wheat pasta with a sauce made from scratch garnished with basil, pepper and a side salad.

What are your top 3 appliance/tools you keep in your kitchen that you always use?



Tea Infuser

What is the secret to setting the perfect table when having guests over?
Mixing and matching. Don’t try to create a perfectly manicured setting. Have fun incorporating pieces you’ve acquired from traveling and encourage your friends to partake by bringing a dessert, blooms, cocktails or candles. The more you think outside the box in terms of your tablescapes, the more imaginative and organic your setting will be both to you and your guests.

Amanda’s Morning Bowl


– 2 cups of coconut milk vanilla yogurt
– fresh berries
– chopped almonds with dates and almond butter crumbled on top
– a sprinkle of turmeric

Arrange all ingredients in a bowl, sprinkle with turmeric and enjoy!